Petcube Dog Camera

Do you know how your pet suffers loneliness when it remains in an empty apartment? Of course not! One can only guess about this, and then, only if he carefully left behind him the traces of a crime in the form of a torn slipper or puddle in the hallway. But you can know everything for sure, thanks to the dog camera with treat.

How an interactive dog camera works

As a rule, the pet cube has some functions to assure you that the dog is safe. Monitor live broadcast of your pet from your phone regardless of the hour of the day – many models even have night vision. It’s a convenient feature for the pet owner, so he/she can be sure that your dog is sleeping.

If you see that your dog is wandering around the apartment or feeling nervous, comfort her with a voice chat. Each time when your dog barks, the device will let you know about it by a message. This helps you to track your dog’s barking triggers. The owner can even use the camera, to throw a treat or cookie to the dog and distract it with taste.

If you’re to busy to monitor your dog’s behavior, you can use a diary or videos. It’s an additional feature, that makes a quick video montage on a couple of minutes of the dog’s activity when you were at work or the party.

So, if you’re worried about your pet, just watch camera recordings, being in any place where there is a cellular connection, watch online what is happening in your apartment on the screen of a mobile phone or handheld computer (PDA).

How to organize this process?

The general meaning is as follows: the video stream from your webcam must be transferred to a server from which it can be “picked up” and viewed through a phone or PDA in real-time.

Such a server can be provided by any free hosting provider. The smart app is at your service to give some treats and entertain your pal. The application keeps track of if the dispenser is empty or is there enough treats there are, so you will always know when it’s better to add new ones.

Final word

In any case, “spying” on the dog will allow you to better understand its nature, and in some cases, to develop and adjust a further education and training strategy.

Now that almost every home has a computer and a mobile phone in its pocket, much is simplified. However, not everyone knows that you can automatically transfer images from a webcam to your mobile.

More recently, one could only dream of such technologies, but nowadays this opportunity is available to any student.

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