Best Business Antivirus 2019

Installing a proven and real best business antivirus 2019 will help to prevent infections before they become a reason of serious damage.

Unfortunately, very often security programs do not match their name. They might be ineffective in solving problems, and some may contain malware.

Here are the top five choices that proved to be effective:

Bitdefender Internet Security

Although Bitdefender might not be the most attractive option, it gives results. After completing the tests, he managed to detect all known malicious programs, such as adware, spyware and phishing threats, and new or unknown infections famous as Zero-Day attacks as well.

But the most impressive is its ransomware protection tool, which creates a layer on top of your files to prevent them being taken hostage, which is vital because the number of ransomware has increased by 350% in recent years.

Bitdefender is pretty lightweight. Despite some interesting features such as VPN and firewall offered with the antivirus, you can also download the Bitdefender Central application, which provides constant security updates and lets you run a scan of the remote network directly from your phone.

As a common tool for removing viruses, Bitdefender was notable for its accuracy, speed, and overall security.

Norton Security

Norton Security can remove almost all kinds of malware types. Instant scans or schedule automated monitoring can be easily performed that will remove viruses without prompt. Taking into account the tactic used by you, Norton has proven it can fight 100% of threats efficiently.

Norton is also considered to be one of the fastest antivirus programs. It shows less slowdown overall than Bitdefender and there is almost no reduction in download time. However, it is short of some main features that were present in other security sets, such as a firewall or computer tune-up option.

This security software is very broad; it suggests multi-device protection and is consistent with all operating systems. It suits for users of any skill level, as the day-and-night customer support contains live chat and phone to help in quick issues solving.


McAfee security suite includes several advanced features, such as a firewall, speed settings, and parental controls.

This is the first on the list without a proper detection rating. It achieved a 98.9% success for zero-day infections, which is lower than the industry average.

Despite this, it is still considered one of the highest virus removal rates. Also, it was one of the few anti-virus programs that did not notice false positives, which increases the level of convenience and accuracy.

However, when installing the software, it lagged 40-42%, which is almost double the average. Another big disadvantage is the lack of protection against phishing. Email is the most common means of spreading malware, so having an option to mark problems can save you time.

Overall, McAfee is a powerful antivirus with a few extra security features. However, the speed of detecting and removing their core is lacking, along with some basic security features that are the industry standard.

Comodo Internet Security

Comodo is the dark horse of the antivirus world. Even though it was not widely known, in 2018 it was twice recognized as the best product.

It has been pretty successful at removing viruses with a 99.8% chance of detection and can successfully detect and remove a big number of security threats, isuch as malware, rootkits, and hidden files. Anti-Virus only once flagged ordinary programs as malicious, which is much less false positives than in many other security packages.

In general, the slowdown of the system is minimal, but we had problems with the speed when setting and using other programs as well as increasing the file conversion time by 34%.

Comodo is significantly cheaper than other features and even suggests a free malware removal service. However, the security package is trying to trick you into installing other Comodo services, and some of their declared features do not work.


Malwarebytes is a wonderful lightweight option to easily remove malware. If you do not need all the extra fluff or an expensive price tag, the free version of the company provides effective removal of antivirus on request.

Although it does not offer any other features, you can upgrade to their paid plan for automatic protection, ransomware protection, and safe browsing of mobile devices.

They updated the traditional signature-based discovery system to use a combination of technologies that break the chain of attacks. Although this free option is not recommended as a stand-alone antivirus, it is ideal for one-time virus removal.

If you want to choose an update, a premium plan is an inexpensive feature that includes all the basic functions of the all-round security package. It protects against all types of malware. Paid plans also allow you to use multiple devices on most operating systems.

In general, Malwarebytes is far from the best tool for removing malware, but it is the most budget option on the market. With over 10 years of industry experience, it has been ranked among the best free virus removal tools by many sources, but a premium version is recommended for the more advanced features in the long run.

Having a quality malware removal tool is crucial not to be a victim of a cyber-attack. If you can detect the virus and act quickly, you can lessen the damage that it causes.

While free antivirus programs are good at removing viruses once, additional protection against advanced threats such as ransomware and rootkits is required to guarantee your security for the years.

The best security option is to use a premium antivirus package with the most advanced protection tools against all kinds of attacks. Choose the highest rated antivirus so you can enjoy the peace of mind on the Internet.