Art News: Best Sources

A lot is happening in the art world every day. New paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art appear, some old lost works resurface, and so on. It’s always exciting to see some exquisite art displayed in the art galleries and museums. It’s hard to keep track of all events, especially if you aren’t professionally involved. If you are fond of art and want to learn even more about it, we suggest you subscribe to the newsletters from the following sites to get the latest scoop of news and reviews. 

The most trusted sources for art news:

  1. Artnews is the oldest and most-reputable art magazine. Although it moved to digital nowadays, people from over 124 countries read it. The site has everything in one place: art, artists’ interviews, event announcements & coverage, etc. Lots of well-known artists and critics have contributed to this magazine over the years. For instance, Robert Coles, Steve Martin, Jean-Paul Sartre, etc.
  2. Art in America is also over a hundred years old. This speaks volumes about the site’s place in the art world. Aside from a widely popular website, the company still has monthly print issues that gather the most important news and trends. On the website, one is sure to find galleries’ reviews, featured artists, the coverage of art events, etc. There is also a calendar of events, auction information, and even live coverage of some art events. 
  3. Frieze is very popular among art lovers and experts. Modern writers, artists, and curators publish their essays and columns there. The website has a very high reputation and still features editorials with artists. For instance, it featured Matthew Wong. He was a promising painter who received high critical acclaim and made wonderful paintings. There is also a printed magazine that comes out 8 times a year. The online magazine, on the other hand, now covers all art-related stories and shares critical reviews of museums and exhibitions all across the globe.

In case you are looking for art you can buy, Artspace is the best destination. The site is virtually a marketplace that helps collectors and other people to find the right pieces for their homes and collections. It’s very proud of working with popular cultural institutions and museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Andy Warhol Museum, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, etc. This site also has an online magazine. It’s dedicated to covering the latest news and trends in art.  

Those who wish to understand art better and learn more about the art world should listen to some TED talks. It’s a popular source among youth that brings the best and most interesting information about all sorts of things. It has a section dedicated to art where Ma Yansong, Beau Lotto, Sarah Sze, and many others explain how art influences us, how we perceive it, and why it matters. 


People like art for different reasons and at different lengths. Regardless of all those differences, sites like Frieze, Art in America, and Artnews will be the best sources to learn more about the art world and the new names in it.