Buying second hand can be a great way of saving and cutting down the cost. You get what you want at a cheaper price. Buying second has Xbox one is a great way of getting something you want without the guilt of spending too much on it. Buying a new Xbox is a bit of overspending, don’t you think?

Before you decide to buy you to be sure which version of the Xbox one you are going for.

They include:

  • Standard Xbox one
  • Xbox one s
  • Xbox one x

Do your research and get to make the right decision. It is important to do so. One of the main reasons is so you can save just enough to but the one you want since they all have different prices.

Reasons why buy a used Xbox

1.It saves you money. Like I pointed out earlier buying a second hand Xbox is a great way to stay within budget and not spend too much buying a game. Its a little guilty ridden to spend a lot on a game.

2.It’s a classic game

I get it that rival consoles have its own loyal fans but Xbox game is the only game with ever shinning glory since 2008. What am saying is it is not outdated yet and probably never will. Becoming an Xbox gamer gives you access to the games with gold subscriptions service together with the ever growing games pass library.


According to the recent update by Microsoft, Xbox one will not require internet to play. You only need then internet during the initial setup only.

4.You are able to rent out the disc that has games. Can also be resold.


if you buy from the right seller you can get a one year warranty. Gives you the assurance if it is not right you can return and get it repaired or given a new one. This depends on the seller you buy from. Online shops with refurbished Xbox one games always offer a warranty.

Having said that here are some places you can buy an Xbox one and get the value of your money;

  • eBay

The stores are trustworthy and you get a warranty. One thing you should do is check the reviews. see how long they have been in business and how reliable they are.

  • People you know

Talk to friends and family. find out if they are selling for their reasons. It is always important to find out why to incase the Xbox has issues. You can easily reach the seller in case of complications.

Anytime you are about to buy make sure you read the reviews on their refurbished products. Be sure there is a warranty. Otherwise, you may be left with losses and no one to turn to after it has complications after a few months of use.

Always ask for an original proof of purchase. It’s a crazy world full of crazy stuff. The Xbox might have been stolen. If there is no original receipts and they bought them online they should forward an invoice to you.