Netflix is Showing an Error Message

Netflix is Showing an Error Message: How to troubleshoot Netflix site errors

Netflix could be showing error messages because there could be problems at the site end or there could be some issues with your own connection. Here’s what you need to do to troubleshoot when Netflix error messages come in way of your entertainment plans:

Check if Netflix is down: Netflix has a live update facility on this page. Check it for the latest status update. Alternatively, you can also follow Netflix CS Twitter account @Netflixhelps where they have been sharing information on some bugs, streaming problems and updates with respect to troubleshooting.

It is possible that the Netflix site could be facing some issues; however, more often than not the errors could be related to your own accounts and connectivity issues. You can take the following steps to troubleshoot:

Check if Netflix is blocked due to use of proxies or VPN (Virtual Private Network): Netflix does not allow access through proxies or VPNs and hence if you are trying to access through such means, you need to disable the same.

Test and optimize internet connection: Sometimes, Netflix might not load due to the connectivity issues at your end. You can always check the internet speed using any of the web-based free speed testers available such as Speedtest. Compare the detected speed with the speed guidelines provided by Netflix. You can optimize the connection by trying to close unused applications and unimportant scheduled tasks. You can also improve speed by disconnecting all the other devices using the network. If the speed is still lower, it’s time to upgrade your internet connection or contact the service provider for troubleshooting.

Check for Parallel access: If multiple users are accessing one account at the same time, there might be trouble accessing. Netflix has 3 options in its plans allowing the use of one, two or three devices depending on the plan. Make sure that the number of devices accessing Netflix at the same time are in congruence with the plan opted.

Clear the cookies: Applicable for access through the browser, you can clear Netflix cookies by clicking here. You will need to log into your Netflix account once again after clearing cooking. Make sure to use the correct username and password.

Upgrade / Restart the browser: If using a browser, close the browser and start it again to access Check if the browser needs an update. If so, install the update first. Sometimes, Netflix cannot be accessed due to some bug in the browser. The updates usually would have addressed such issues.

Try a different device or browser: Depending on whether you are accessing Netflix on a mobile device or a computer, you can try switching the device or changing browser.

Restart and reset: If the problem still persist you might want to restart and reset. This includes your browsers, devices including mobile devices, computer, modem, and router. You can also try resetting and reinstalling the Netflix app from the app gallery.

The article has covered the most common errors messages including:

Netflix error 30103 – ?Cannot play title. Please try again later?.

Netflix errors 1011/11853/5403/5009/40104 – ?There is a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again later?.

Netflix error 12001/10002/40103 – Which implies that some information stored on your device needs to be refreshed.

Most of the error instances are related to the above messages. The troubleshooting requires just a few minutes and would get your Netflix account running in no time. However, despite all of these steps, if the problem still persists, you can always contact Netflix support or their twitter account.