Avast Ultimate advantages

Avast Ultimate

Well, to begin with, Avast doesn’t need any introduction. But the newly launched Avast Ultimate does. This premium package comes with four kickass apps that make your life much easier when it comes to safety, privacy and performance more about you can check in Avast review. Not only does this bundle take care of malwares but also ensure safe browsing.

Besides adding to your convenience with password management, the Avast Ultimate can help you clean your PC in no time. The four elements of the package are Avast Premier, Cleanup Premium, Password Premium, and SecureLine.

  • Avast Premier: This lightest antivirus is now stronger than ever with ability to identify ransomware, viruses, threats and so on.
  • Password Premium: Remembering passwords is a hassle, right? This software comes with autofill property which can be used across a number of devices.
  • Cleanup Premium: Enabling you to have faster and more efficient system, this software keeps a check on your computer’s health. It also removes the junk files including the bloatware.
  • SecureLine: While everyone is becoming more prone to be hacked, this software ensures that your identity remains safe, thanks to bank-grade encryption.

Relying on a number of cutting-edge features, Avast Ultimate seeks to offer the best experience in terms of privacy, security and performance. The newly added features will help you to understand the product better.

  • Identify Phishing Sites: The Avast Premium has been designed to analyse the behavior of any website that exhibit odious activities. The software decodes the domain meta information in order to recognize phishing sites.
  • The Do Not Disturb Mode: Inclusion of this feature actually makes your life much easier as you choose not to be bothered by a game or a movie from time to time. Working in the background, this feature doesn’t need to be manually activated.
  • Core Shields: The Core Shields have been incorporated to cater to the need of being protected from any unwanted threat. It lets you protect your files, mail and much more. It also has the capacity to run behavioral analysis as well as to recognize web threats. Shall you choose not to use this feature, you can always turn this off.
  • Improved Privacy: The Data Shredder has been added to facilitate you to shred any data that you have been working on. The privacy feature has been embellished with password manager and SecureLine VPN as well.
  • Webcam Shield: Have there been times when you did not know that your webcam was on? Many apps try to have access to your webcam and the Webcam Shield lets you either block or allow that. You can choose from three settings i.e. Strict, Smart, and No Mercy. No Mercy doesn’t allow any app to have access to the webcam whereas the Strict ensures that the app asks for permission. The Smart option permits the trusted apps to use the webcam.

Keeping users safe from any kind of web threats or data leak has been the prime aim of Avast. The new Avast Ultimate successfully caters to all such need. The biggest benefit of Avast Ultimate is that it makes it easier for you to stay protected by bringing all the necessary features together. Having a fast computer with faster browsing and safe data transmission is easier now with this four-in-one bundle.