Avast vs AVG in 2020: Protection, Performance, and Price

Many antivirus developers offer their services and compete to deliver the best quality protection. Millions of users all across the globe are looking for the most reliable malware protection to secure their devices and files. Today, we’ll compare Avast vs AVG in 2020 to pick the better one. Let’s take a look at the main categories like interface, features, malware protection, and system impact to drive to a reasonable conclusion.


Both companies succeeded in making simple and straightforward interfaces. It’s an obvious tie for this category.

Avast created a modern-looking and user-friendly interface. With the four modules on the left, the rest of the screen reflects the current protection status as well as the content of the chosen module. Even a beginner will quickly learn how to navigate to the needed features in no time.

AVG also has a nicely organized, bright interface. The horizontal menu at the top saves space for other features and modules. On the one side, the window shows the current status of protection. The rest is used to launch a scan, observe & control the updated, and reach for the wanted features.

Malware Protection

The most objective way to judge about malware protection in AVG vs Avast in 2020 is to take a look at the results from the independent testing labs. We’ll take into account the scores from the main two: AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. In this couple, the better results were in AVG. This antivirus has a more powerful engine and detects more threats. However, Avast also scored very high.

From the 6 possible points, AVG got 5 and Avast 5,5. Both programs received the highest ADVANCED+ award due to an excellent detection rate with few false positives.

Extra Features

AVG and Avast offer lots of extras. However, they offer very different bundles. A user may pick a suitable option with the wanted features. While the general selection of features is very similar, AVG is more generous and wins in this category.

AVG offers four plans with different features. The more features you want the more expensive subscription plan you’ll have to buy. By choosing the most expensive, a user gets:

  • A file encryption tool;
  • A firewall;
  • Parental control;
  • A Wi-Fi inspector;
  • The true-key identity manager;
  • A file shredder;
  • A vulnerability scan.

Avast has plenty of extras that come in five different bundles. The most expensive one contains all the available features that include:

  • A VPN;
  • A file encryption tool;
  • A firewall;
  • A password manager;
  • ID Theft Protection.

Each of the bundles also comes with tools that shield the device and files from viruses, malware, spam, and ransomware. More luxurious options also get optimizations tools like Cleanup Premium.

Impact on System Performance

This characteristic is also measured by the independent testing labs we’ve mentioned above. Based on the received data, both AVG and Avast have minimal impact and don’t slow down system performance.

Pricing Policy

Let’s start by mentioning that both companies have some free options. They are very basic but Avast offers more extras.

Comparing premium plans, AVG is the winner. Its prices start at $25 per device annually. The most expensive version costs $100 (in the same case).

Avast is more expensive regardless of the plan. Its plans start at $60 and go up to $120 per one device annually.

The Verdict

All in all, AVG won in more categories. While both antivirus solutions are good and deliver great protection, AVG is more affordable and brings plenty of features to secure all-round protection. Combined with minimal impact on system performance and affordable prices, this is a great choice. Avast Antivirus, is also a decent choice, especially for those who already use other Avast products.