Most Popular Online Data Room Providers For Managing Your Transaction Flow

Of course, the market for virtual data rooms is expanding every year, respectively, the range of services they provide is also becoming more multifaceted. But which VDRs are the best for monitoring data transaction processes? Now you will find out everything. 

What is VDR? 

Virtual data room is a product of combining elements of a web content management system and a document management system. It is a repository of certain confidential corporate documents in electronic form and with a clear structure.

Usually exists in the form of – an Internet site. A distinctive feature of VDR (unsettled abbreviation) is the principle of a fireproof safe: an increased level of protection for access and transmission of data to external users and their physical safety.

Access to viewing (downloading) documents can occur only after appropriate authorization (often two-factor) from the VDR. Virtual data rooms are produced and maintained by specialized VDR providers. 

What is a transaction flow process? 

Each thread session runs in the context of a transaction. A transaction is a collection of operations performed as a unit. For example, a transaction can execute Apex triggers and extension rules in addition to a thread session. Failure to complete one session in a transaction triggers the cancellation of all sessions in the transaction, as well as any operations performed. Operations (including the thread session) are not retried. 

Depending on the propagation method of a stream, a transaction that runs a session for a given stream starts in different ways. The condition for the completion of the transaction is determined by the presence of some elements of the stream and the need to start it due to the change in the record.

Best VDR for transaction flow

Of course, there are thousands of different online data room providers in the modern world, but we have selected exactly those platforms that are provided with the highest level of quality and security. You have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with them below: 


Ideals, created on the basis of Agile principles, appeared in 2012 and its main task was to effectively revitalize various processes related to project management, mergers and acquisitions. The Ideals virtual meeting room has extensive functionality such as simple file management or rather sophisticated transaction flow management and detailed analysis. Ideals minimizes complexity so customers can learn the system in no time.


It’s worth noting that this online data room has a higher price tag than most of its competitors, but its functional arsenal is much broader and more interesting. When dealing with a large number of large transactions and managing the flow of transactions, Intralinks guarantees quality support and high performance. Intralinks customers can choose between three main models. After all, users can use special additional modules. What about the capabilities of this online data room? Intralinks offers all the essential functions of a data center to carry out a secure due diligence and to facilitate the cooperation between different companies. In addition, customers are guaranteed 24/7 support.